Info for authors

Ruka Press® is currently looking for new authors and new ideas for books. Please consider the following information before making a submission.

We publish nonfiction books with a strong environmental component for a general audience. We are looking for books that explain things, that make an argument, that demystify. We are interested in economics, science, nature, climate change and sustainability. We like building charts and graphs, tables and timelines. Our politics are progressive, but our books need not be political.

We do not publish fiction or poetry.

If you have a book or an idea for a book that fits the bill, please send:

  1. An outline or proposal. (Don’t send an entire manuscript yet, we don’t have time to read it.) Tell us who your potential reader is, and if any other books you know of cover similar territory.

  2. A resume, bio, and/or c.v. that makes clear why you are well qualified to write this book. Have you published on this subject in the past?

  3. A brief writing sample, preferably of previously published writing. A link to a website or blog is OK.

  4. Your full contact info, of course.

We’ll review your submission as quickly as we can. If we’re interested, we may follow up with more questions. Please keep in mind that we are a small press with a small staff.

Submit your materials to or mail to:

Ruka Press
P.O. Box 1409
Washington, DC 20013

Email is preferred. We are not able to return submissions sent by mail.

For more information about why you should (or shouldn’t) publish with Ruka Press®, visit Why ruka press?

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