Why Ruka Press?

We founded Ruka Press® as an outlet for our love of books and book design. We take a different approach to publishing than many other publishers.

How Ruka Press® is different

  • We publish only a few books a year, so we stand behind each one. We won’t publish a book we’re not excited about.
  • We work hard to make each book we publish the best it can be: the editing and design are as professional as the work of a large publishing house.
  • We are strongly committed to environmental principles in both the books we publish and the way we publish them. All our books will be printed on 100 percent PCW recycled paper, as well as in electronic editions.
  • We keep costs low and minimize waste.
  • We’re in this business to make a profit, and we want our authors to make one, too. We can’t guarantee a return, and we probably won’t make you rich, but we’ll work hard to sell books.
  • Unlike a vanity press, we don’t charge authors a fee to publish their books.

Contact us to learn more about how we work. If you are an author or agent interested in publishing with us, please see Info for authors.

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