Praise for Cerulean Blues

Scott Weidensaul, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of more than twenty books:

“From the gentle Appalachian ridges of West Virginia to the rebel-haunted cloud forests of Colombia, Katie Fallon immerses herself in the world of the cerulean warbler—a tiny, lovely songbird few Americans have heard of, but which is emblematic of the increasingly desperate plight of migratory birds in general. In Cerulean Blues, Fallon tracks not just the bird’s globe-hurtling journeys, but the passion and determination of the people in two hemispheres who are trying to save it.”

David Gessner, author of Return of the Osprey and Soaring with Fidel:

“Katie Fallon inhabits the world of cerulean warblers with directness, humor, and real joy. In prose as clean and clear as water, she invites us into the world of both birds and birders. It’s a fascinating world, a world that bristles with life, and a world that expands far beyond the merely human. This book is a pleasure to read, and will open the eyes of many to the life of a small creature fighting an enormous fight.”

Pete Dunne, author of Hawks in Flight and director of the Cape May Bird Observatory:

“Birds have the power to captivate, even change lives. Told here is the story of a woman who could and a small, blue, bellwether bird that increasingly cannot maintain itself in this world of our making. Cerulean Blues is part journey, part documentary, and wholly engaging; a tribute to a bird that bridges continents with its wings and to a rising star among contemporary nature writers.”

Matt Mendenhall, associate editor, BirdWatching Magazine:

“Our readers know the Cerulean Warbler as one of the more difficult warblers to find on a spring bird walk. Katie Fallon knows it as much more: a sky-blue third-of-an-ounce link between the way we grow coffee in the tropics, mine coal in Appalachia, and teach children the value of preserving wildlife. Her timely, important book introduces us to the bird, the challenges it faces, and the people who are working to protect it.”

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