Ebook Edition

Ebook editions of Horseshoe Crab are now available for download directly from Ruka Press.


Epub is a versatile format that can be read by most ebook readers and apps (but not Kindle).

$12.95  Order


The Kindle (mobi) format is used exclusively by Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle apps.

$13.95  Order

These files are sold DRM-free for your convenience, allowing you to use them in multiple readers or locations. Do not upload them to a file-sharing or bit-torrent site—that would be stealing. We’re a small company and need to make money from our books to stay in business. (In fact, if you see them being offered illegally, please let us know. )

Horseshoe Crab is or soon will be available from most online ebook vendors, including Barnes and Noble, Apple’s ibookstore app, Kobo, Indiebound, and others.

We can’t be responsible for you figuring out how to get the files from your computer to your reader. We also can’t be responsible if they look bad in some reader or other. Ebook readers are a new thing; some work well, some not so well. But if you have any problems, contact us and we’ll do what we can.

Buy the print version here.

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