Cover Chosen for Eat Local for Less

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Thanks to everyone who voted and commented last month on the cover for our forthcoming book, Eat Local for Less (if you missed it, you can see the choices and comments here). While each cover had its partisans, there was a clear preference for the first option, and the second option (featuring a young woman taken from a World War II-era Victory Garden poster) had significantly more negative reactions. So, we’re going with option one.

Eat Local final cover

There was also some feedback about the readability of the subtitle and other details, and we‘ve also taken that into account and tweaked the design accordingly (and reserve the right to tweak it more in the future). You can see the final cover design here.

And congratulations to commenter Barbara Davidson, who won a free copy of the book (when it eventually comes out) in our random drawing!

We’re going back into our caves now to keep working on the book and get it ready for publication. Watch this space for announcements on when it will be available for preorder. And if you can’t wait, you can shop our current nature and environmental library right now!

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