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Our new book, Eat Local for Less, just got a great review in Booklist, the library trade magazine published by the American Library Association. Here’s the text of the review:

When sidebars—those parenthetical bytes of information—are just as interesting as the main narrative (and sometimes more), it’s almost a guarantee that the content of the whole book will prove mesmerizing. So it is with Castillo’s first full-fledged, non-coauthored book: She’s embraced a topic of much debate, parsed and streamlined it to make sense to the average Jane Q. Consumer. The subject? Food that tastes and smells like it’s straight from the farm: fresh and in-season, without the processed ingredients endemic to many supermarket and restaurant foods today. Truly, the whole world of food is her province; she defines common terms bandied about, whether biodiversity or GMO, and explains not only the history of our eating patterns but also the how-to’s of choosing a farmer as well as the lifespan of local veggies. Her tone is moderate; her attitude, one of rational fact-finding. How could anyone refute such headlines as “Top ten ways to maintain control over what you eat” and “Five drop-dead cheap whole foods”? Simple recipes—one at the end of each chapter, such as the one for 100-clove garlic soup and another for fryingpan chili—convince any nonchef to start firing up the burners. A novel approach to a sensitive topic. —Booklist

The book is officially on sale April 7, but we are shipping orders now. And remember, you can order it from us at 25% off until April 7!

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