New Horseshoe Crab, Cerulean Blues Reviews

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Our new book, Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor, was reviewed recently by Booklist Online, one of the three major trade book reviewers and a major source of recommendations for the library market. “In this entertaining tribute to 445-million years of horseshoe crabs, [Anthony D.] Fredericks challenges readers near and far from coastal beaches to embrace the conservation of these important creatures,” Booklist’s reviewer said. You can read the full review here.

Horseshoe Crab is available from our website at a 25% discount until May 22. Use the code PRE when you check out to save.

And speaking of reviews, our previous book, Cerulean Blues by Katie Fallon, was recently reviewed by Grant McCreary for The Birder’s Library, who wrote:

Cerulean Blues made me laugh and cry, and even moved me to make a donation (but to an actual organization) and look into further ways that I can help this imperiled bird. And that – even beyond being entertaining, informative, and beautifully written – is the true value of this book. I think anyone, whether or not they particularly like birds, would enjoy this book. But those that do like birds, especially the enchanting Cerulean Warbler, or are concerned about bird conservation in general need to read Cerulean Blues.

You can read the rest of that review here.

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