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Today is the official on-sale date for our new Ruka Press book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm: Keystone XL, Tar Sands, and the Battle to Defuse the Carbon Bomb by Samuel Avery. We’ve been shipping website orders of the paperback for the last couple of weeks, but as of today the ebook editions are available […]

The official release of The Pipeline and the Paradigm is still two weeks away, but if you order now from our website it will ship immediately—and at a 25% discount, too! Ebook versions will go on sale on the official publication date, April 23. As attention to the Keystone XL increases this spring and summer, […]

Samuel Avery will be starting to promote his book with some events in the San Francisco Bay area, while Ruka Press authors Katie Fallon and Joan Maloof happen to be speaking at the same Audubon Society chapter in consecutive months. Please join them for one or more of the events below. Samuel Avery, author of […]

We’re proud to report that our new book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm, which will be officially released in April, has been reviewed by the three major trade reviewers. This is the first of our books to hit that exclusive trifecta (a review from these sources is an endorsement for purchase by libraries, booksellers, and […]

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Our new book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm by Samuel Avery, will be officially released April 23, but as of today it’s available for preorder at a 25 percent discount! Publisher’s Weekly reviewed the book, and said “his finely researched book blazes with hope.” Read the whole review here. You can preorder or read more […]