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Our new book, Eat Local for Less, just got a great review in Booklist, the library trade magazine published by the American Library Association. Here’s the text of the review: When sidebars—those parenthetical bytes of information—are just as interesting as the main narrative (and sometimes more), it’s almost a guarantee that the content of the […]

We’re proud to report that our new book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm, which will be officially released in April, has been reviewed by the three major trade reviewers. This is the first of our books to hit that exclusive trifecta (a review from these sources is an endorsement for purchase by libraries, booksellers, and […]

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Our new book, Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor, was reviewed recently by Booklist Online, one of the three major trade book reviewers and a major source of recommendations for the library market. “In this entertaining tribute to 445-million years of horseshoe crabs, [Anthony D.] Fredericks challenges readers near and far from coastal beaches to […]