The Pipeline and the Paradigm Is Newly Relevant

Posted on by Dan

The Keystone XL pipeline is back in the news, thanks to the new president and his executive orders. TransCanada, the Canadian company behind the pipeline, has filed new local applications to resume building. And if the permits are eventually approved and construction commences, local activism and protest will follow.

Our book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm by Samuel Avery, is thus once again a crucial resource for understanding the controversy over the Keystone XL, including the effects on climate change and the grassroots protests that have sprung up around it. The book examines the broad implications of a fossil fuel culture in the context of a warming world. While Sam very much comes down on the side of “leave it in the ground,” he gives a fair hearing to both sides and doesn’t demonize. Booklist called it an “extremely useful analysis.”

The The Pipeline and the Paradigm is available direct from Ruka Press in print and ebook, and from other online vendors in both formats and as an audiobook. See the book page for details.

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