Trade Reviews Are In for The Pipeline and the Paradigm

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We’re proud to report that our new book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm, which will be officially released in April, has been reviewed by the three major trade reviewers. This is the first of our books to hit that exclusive trifecta (a review from these sources is an endorsement for purchase by libraries, booksellers, and readers).

First up was Publishers Weekly, which said, “Environmental activist Avery travels the route of TransCanada’s controversial Keystone XL pipeline, engaging in frank and respectful dialogue with proponents and opponents. His finely researched book blazes with hope.” Then Booklist weighed in, saying, “Avery, a longtime social activist and solar-panel entrepreneur, offers a guided tour of all the contentious issues surrounding the pipeline. While Avery gives pipeline promoters a fair hearing, it’s clear where his values lie. Extremely useful analysis.”

Finally, Library Journal said, “This folksy book also contains hard scientific truth. Essential reading for residents of Alberta or related states, and recommended for everyone concerned about climate change.” Online review available to subscribers only.

We’re kvelling! Remember you can preorder the book at a 25% discount right now, and you’ll get it as soon as it’s done printing.

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