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Samuel Avery will be starting to promote his book with some events in the San Francisco Bay area, while Ruka Press authors Katie Fallon and Joan Maloof happen to be speaking at the same Audubon Society chapter in consecutive months. Please join them for one or more of the events below.

Samuel Avery, author of The Pipeline and the Paradigm:

We’ll be adding more events to Sam’s calendar soon, so keep on eye on our website.

Katie Fallon, author of Reed Writing Award finalist Cerulean Blues:

Joan Maloof, author of Among the Ancients:

  • April 16, 5:30 pm—Juniata Valley (PA) Audubon Society, Hoss’s Steak and Seafood House, Duncansville, PA. Dinner program.
  • April 17—Washington College, MD.
  • May 3–5—Flora Quest, OH.

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