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Our new book, Eat Local for Less, just got a great review in Booklist, the library trade magazine published by the American Library Association. Here’s the text of the review:

When sidebars—those parenthetical bytes of information—are just as interesting as the main narrative (and sometimes more), it’s almost a guarantee that the content of the whole book will prove mesmerizing. So it is with Castillo’s first full-fledged, non-coauthored book: She’s embraced a topic of much debate, parsed and streamlined it to make sense to the average Jane Q. Consumer. The subject? Food that tastes and smells like it’s straight from the farm: fresh and in-season, without the processed ingredients endemic to many supermarket and restaurant foods today. Truly, the whole world of food is her province; she defines common terms bandied about, whether biodiversity or GMO, and explains not only the history of our eating patterns but also the how-to’s of choosing a farmer as well as the lifespan of local veggies. Her tone is moderate; her attitude, one of rational fact-finding. How could anyone refute such headlines as “Top ten ways to maintain control over what you eat” and “Five drop-dead cheap whole foods”? Simple recipes—one at the end of each chapter, such as the one for 100-clove garlic soup and another for fryingpan chili—convince any nonchef to start firing up the burners. A novel approach to a sensitive topic. —Booklist

The book is officially on sale April 7, but we are shipping orders now. And remember, you can order it from us at 25% off until April 7!

Our newest book, Eat Local for Less: The Ultimate Guide to Opting Out of Our Broken Industrial Food System, is getting ready to make it’s way from the printer to the distributor to bookstores around the country. Between now and its official release on April 7, you can preorder the paperback version directly from our website and save 25% off the cover price. We’ll send you the book as soon as it’s ready, which will no doubt be a week or two before the release date. What’s holding you back? To learn more about the book and order, go here. To read a sample chapter, go here.

We are happy to announce that the final details have been set for the release of our new Ruka Press book, Eat Local for Less. The book will officially go on sale April 7, 2015, just in time for the start of farmers market season. We will begin to accept preorders about six weeks before that. Printed and electronic reviewer galleys are available now from Ruka Press. Please send an email to Ruka Press if you are a book reviewer who would like to receive one. Sign on to our newsletter (up there at the top of the page) to make sure you’re notified about sales and promotions.

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November 2nd, 2014 | 2 Comments »

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented last month on the cover for our forthcoming book, Eat Local for Less (if you missed it, you can see the choices and comments here). While each cover had its partisans, there was a clear preference for the first option, and the second option (featuring a young woman taken from a World War II-era Victory Garden poster) had significantly more negative reactions. So, we’re going with option one.

Eat Local final cover

There was also some feedback about the readability of the subtitle and other details, and we‘ve also taken that into account and tweaked the design accordingly (and reserve the right to tweak it more in the future). You can see the final cover design here.

And congratulations to commenter Barbara Davidson, who won a free copy of the book (when it eventually comes out) in our random drawing!

We’re going back into our caves now to keep working on the book and get it ready for publication. Watch this space for announcements on when it will be available for preorder. And if you can’t wait, you can shop our current nature and environmental library right now!

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September 15th, 2014 | No Comments »

We need your help choosing a cover for our next Ruka Press book. The book is now called Eat Local for Less, and it’s in the later stages of editing. We’ve narrowed down the cover choices to two, but we need your help choosing the final cover.

Eat Local for Less by Julie Castillo is a guide to choosing delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable food for your family. The antidote to overpriced, boutique “natural” foods on the one hand and unhealthy processed food products on the other, this book is a guide to transforming your relationship with food from routine to blissful. It shows readers how to buy local, organic, and sustainably grown food for less than they pay at the supermarket. It’s not written to persuade but to inform, with the goal of helping people act on the choice they’ve already made to eat purposefully and buy responsibly.

The two covers are below. Please cast your vote and leave any constructive criticisms in the comments. (Legal disclaimer: results of vote are nonbinding.) To sweeten the deal, we’ll send a free book to a randomly selected commenter. We’ll let you know who won, and when the book is available, in a future edition of our newsletter (and on Twitter, Facebook…). Thanks!


Option 1

Option 1

Option 2

Option 2

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