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Julie Castillo, author of Eat Local for Less, will be interviewed on “iEat Green with Bhavani” radio show on the Progressive Radio Network at 10:00 am EST on Thursday, March 2. Listen live at or download it as a podcast later. Julie and host Bhavani Jaroff will discuss local and sustainable eating.

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February 22nd, 2017 | No Comments »

The Keystone XL pipeline is back in the news, thanks to the new president and his executive orders. TransCanada, the Canadian company behind the pipeline, has filed new local applications to resume building. And if the permits are eventually approved and construction commences, local activism and protest will follow.

Our book, The Pipeline and the Paradigm by Samuel Avery, is thus once again a crucial resource for understanding the controversy over the Keystone XL, including the effects on climate change and the grassroots protests that have sprung up around it. The book examines the broad implications of a fossil fuel culture in the context of a warming world. While Sam very much comes down on the side of “leave it in the ground,” he gives a fair hearing to both sides and doesn’t demonize. Booklist called it an “extremely useful analysis.”

The The Pipeline and the Paradigm is available direct from Ruka Press in print and ebook, and from other online vendors in both formats and as an audiobook. See the book page for details.

Our most recent book, Eat Local for Less, is on sale for the next two weeks. Order it today to be sure to get it before Christmas. Use the code DEC15 when you order to save 25% off the print or ebook editions.

Read more about Eat Local for Less here. Read a free sample here.

Julie Castillo, author of Eat Local for Less, will be making a number of appearances around the greater D.C. area to talk about local food and sign books. Some of these are classes that may require a small fee. Keep an eye on this post; we’ll be updating it as more events are added.

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May 3rd, 2015 | 1 Comment »

Today is the official release date for Eat Local for Less. As of today we have e-book editions available for immediate download. These are being offered at $9.99 for a limited price. Buy them here.

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